Choosing a Hero

It’s a tough job, scanning through pages and pages of Google images on the hunt for a man enticing enough to inspire a potential Mills & Boon hero.  Is it an excuse for a legitimate perv at handsome, brooding (it doesn’t work if he can’t brood) individuals?  Absolutely not!  It’s all in the name of art.

Trouble is, my own personal choice is somewhat ‘quirky’; maybe long-haired; perhaps bespectacled; more Mr DIY than Mr Darcy (I know it’s weird but practicality goes a long way in my book – so to speak).

Having a man who can mow the lawn, do the washing without the colours running, build an extension and cook a slap up meal, all in one day and without breaking a sweat, gets my vote every time.  Mr DIY, however, doesn’t tend to work as well in traditional romance as he does in real life.  But then that’s the beauty of escapism!

So, for my current manuscript (which is attempt number 5) I felt it only right to do a bit of research into Italian male models – like I said, it’s tough.

That’s when I stumbled upon the rather delicious Carmine Signorelli.  Instantly Mr DIY is forgotten!  I don’t know if Carmine is any good around the house, but even if he’s not I might be tempted to forgive him because he sure knows how to brood, and suddenly, when looking at his photo, that becomes the most important thing, ever.

Forget the lawn – that can wait.  And the washing?  If Mr Signorelli is putting on a load he can shove the reds in with the whites for all I care – that’s what Colour Catchers are for! And the cooking?  I’ll do it every time as long as he doesn’t mind chicken goujons (if I was married to him I reckon I’d have to stop referring to them as ‘nuggets’).

Now I’m fully converted from rugged to romantic I’m looking forward to spending the next few months writing all about him, and don’t think it will be too tough a job after all!


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