Hello Romance Writing Blog!

Following the recent romance writing weekend at Fishguard, Wales, the lovely and very talented Mills & Boon author, Rachael Thomas, suggested to me that it might be a good idea starting a blog to talk about my romance writing exploits.

“What???  How is that even possible on top of working full time in PR, having a husband and young child, doing housework, eating, sleeping and maintaining my beloved hobby of dancing?  I can’t do it, Rachael, not without losing the last scrap of sanity I’m desperately still clinging on to!”

But apparently if (OK, let’s be positive – when) the time comes that Mills & Boon will one day want to publish one of my manuscripts, it’s good to have a blog.  And, to be honest, I’ve always quite fancied one anyway.  So, with a week off work spent visiting my mum in Yorkshire, I’ve decided to stop thinking about it and crack on.

Maybe I’ll be the next Zoella, although I’m not sure that a working mum in her 30s who has the mad ambition of being a romance novelist, is quite as glamorous as a Brighton-dwelling beauty addict ten years her junior, but no matter!  Has she ever created an Easter bonnet with one hand while grilling fish fingers with the other while constructing a romantic liaison in her head while ordering the Ocado shop.  Hell no!

So this blog is for the romantics, the aspiring writers, the workers, the busy parents, and those who believe that, however much of a pipe dream it may seem, it might – just might – one day happen with hard work and perseverance.

Well, we’ll see.  But in the meantime I might as well get on with life and enjoy myself, which is why in between blogging about writing I’ll also be talking about other things that make me happy.  And since I get oodles of pleasure out of dancing, cooking, eating, reading, travel and going to the theatre, that’s probably what the topics will be!

So here goes, and enjoy!

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