Holding Out For a Hero

When it comes to heroes in women’s literature popular types do exist.  I wonder if this is because they really reflect women’s fantasies or whether it’s just because society thinks they do.  I don’t yet know the answer but perhaps you can help. Clearly we’re all different so what is attractive to some, isn’t atContinue reading “Holding Out For a Hero”

Coping with Rejection – when does perseverance become flogging a dead horse?

Writing teaches you a lot about yourself – how able you are to work alone, whether or not you can be self-disciplined and how creative you can be.  It also teaches you something you might never have needed to know before: how well you deal with rejection, or not, as the case may be. I’veContinue reading “Coping with Rejection – when does perseverance become flogging a dead horse?”

The Happy Writer’s Kitchen

During my mother’s annual visit to us in Sussex last year, I noticed her watching me intently as I prepared our special family get-together meal.  I knew she was about to say something and thought it might be: “Why, haven’t I given birth to a domestic goddess?  I see you have become a culinary geniusContinue reading “The Happy Writer’s Kitchen”

Courses for Aspiring Writers

If you’re an aspiring writer I can’t recommend highly enough going on a writing course. I’ve been on three in as many years and always return home feeling immensely inspired to crack on with my writing.  Not only that, but on every occasion I’ve had a great time, met new friends and learned a lot!Continue reading “Courses for Aspiring Writers”

His velvety ridge – and other nice words for naughty bits

When penning sex scenes I often have to stop and think of a nice way to describe certain parts of the anatomy in order to maintain the romance and avoid sounding too clinical. Here are a few challenges and how I’ve tried to get round them, but if you have any better suggestions, please sendContinue reading “His velvety ridge – and other nice words for naughty bits”

Gotta Love an Anti Heroine – the controversial female protagonist

Heroines in the romance genre are often traditionally associated with being: i) younger than the hero ii) poorer than the hero iii) more junior in her career than the hero (if she has a career at all) I think for many readers, especially perhaps the newer generation of romance enthusiasts, the perception of the traditionalContinue reading “Gotta Love an Anti Heroine – the controversial female protagonist”

Cooking up a Mystery

I’ve always loved a good murder, especially a light-hearted one, i.e. Midsomer Murder-esque.  I especially like those in which the investigator is female.  I’m not sure why that is, maybe because I find them easier to relate to. I started with Miss Marple, then moved on to Agatha Raisin, both of which I’m extremely fond,Continue reading “Cooking up a Mystery”

Arty Stuff & Classlessness

Last week I went along to see the play ‘Kiss Me Quickstep’ at The Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough.  The theatre itself is rather awesome.  It’s in the round, so wherever you sit you have a great view.  We were lucky enough to sit in The Director’s Box, which meant that even if the blokeContinue reading “Arty Stuff & Classlessness”