Neurotic for erotic or find it crude to be rude?

Love literature jam-packed with naughty bits?  Or do you prefer your stories sweet and romantic with intimate detail being too much information?

Following the unprecedented popularity of 50 Shades it seems to have become perfectly acceptable to whip out your erotic novel on the Tube, in the cafe or indeed any other public space without having to feel like the biggest perv out there.  And why not, I say!

Erotic fiction isn’t new, of course, it’s been around for centuries, but never has it been socially acceptable to admit to being a fan, that is until recently.

Since 50 Shades was published erotic literature is no longer banished to a dusty corner of the book shop, where only shameless hussies and women incognito dare tread, it has now been promoted to mainstream top ten best seller shelves.  Rejoice!

But have we had just about enough of hearing about bulging bits and throbbing this, that and the other, or is the appetite for all things racy and raunchy as strong as ever?

Perhaps a graphic love scene is your idea of lit-heaven, or maybe your dream love scene is where the hero carries his heroine to the bedroom and closes the door firmly behind them.

Whatever your preference here are my three recommendations for love scenes on every scale of the spectrum:

The devil’s in the detail!

If for you, it’s a case of the more sexy bits the better, check out Saskia Walker.  I read ‘Rampant’ – and it was!  But it wasn’t just about the naughty parts (although there are plenty of them) it was a cracking story too, all about witchery in Scotland.  It was intriguing, atmospheric and a real page-turner, so much so that I read it from cover to cover in one weekend.

Saskia offers some free reads through her website too – definitely worth a look if erotic literature is your thing.


A balance of romance and naughties for me please!

A Mills & Boon Modern fits the bill if you like a sprinkling of steamy scenes interspersed with fizzing emotion.  It’s good to read a few though to get to know which authors you like, as some barely take their characters to the bedroom, while others don’t even let them get as far as it before they’re ripping off each other’s clothes!

My recommendation for an even weighted sex to romance Mills & Boon Modern would be Melanie Milburne’s Ravensdale’s Defiant Captive.  Melanie certainly knows how it turn on the raunch, but she doesn’t let the sex get in the way of the story, and her characters have depth and passion as well as healthy libidos!


And if you prefer leaving it to the imagination

Then it’s Katie Fforde all the way.  I read my first Katie Fforde book years ago and think I’ve since read just about every one she’s written.  Romance is always an important aspect, but it isn’t the only one; burgeoning friendships and a beautiful countryside location always feature.  Sex scenes are light on detail, if present at all, and the focus is on the romantic side of the relationship rather than the physical one.

If you like to read about finding love, forming new female friendships and pretty settings, then there’s no better than Katie Fforde for a cosy, feel-good and happy end read – highly recommended.

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