Bookreavement.  If it’s not a word, it should be.

This is the word I use to refer to the feeling you get when you reach the end of a book that you’ve really, really enjoyed.  You feel that not only have you got to the end of the story, but also that you’ll never meet those characters again – characters whose lives you’ve had an insight into, who you’ve made friends with, even fallen in love with.

And now, they’re gone.  Yes, you can read the book again but that wouldn’t really help ease the loss, because it would only tell you what you already know, rather than what you yearn for – which is more.

OK, I’m not seriously comparing it to actual bereavement, but there does need to be a word for it because it’s definitely a thing.

Sometimes the English language fails us because there are holes in it where concepts exist but words don’t.  In such cases we normally pinch words from other languages; think ‘faux pas’ / ‘Wanderlust’ / and my personal favourite – ‘Schadenfreude’ – a very useful word we just don’t have a simple translation for in English.

I don’t know if any other language has a way of expressing this particular concept but I really think we need a word for it, so ‘bookreavement’ is my suggestion.

I’ve recently experienced ‘bookreavement’ when I got to the end of ‘Miss McGuire is Missing’ by Eileen Robertson

A cosy murder mystery, this book had me absolutely hooked!  I couldn’t wait to get to the end to reach the conclusion but I knew doing so would be a double-edged sword – I’d get the satisfying ending but then that would be it.  Game over.

And it was.  I read on her website that Eileen is going to work on a sequel so I hope she hurries up with that one as I for one can’t wait to get my hands on it.  Actually, in this instance I didn’t put my hands on it at all, I downloaded it from the Amazon Audible site.  You can now get 3 months’ subscription free with a Prime membership

This means I can consume 2 books at the same time – one in the traditional format when I’m at home, and one in my car when I’m not – marvellous!


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