Interview with Sally Trueman Dicken, short story writer

Sally Trueman Dicken has had two short stories accepted for People’s Friend magazine.  Here she gives an insight into what inspires her to write and how she achieved success with her submissions. What made you want to write for People’s Friend? My grandmother read People’s Friend and I would read the children’s page and some of the stories.Continue reading “Interview with Sally Trueman Dicken, short story writer”

Ghostly goings on…

Last weekend I went on my first ever ghost hunt.  Not one of those walks through ancient towns but rather a late night vigil involving seances, experimenting with ghost hunting equipment, ouija boards – the works! I decided to do this as part of my bucket list and it’s fair to say that the wholeContinue reading “Ghostly goings on…”

WIN – free Hannah Kimble audio book

Update – if you entered this competition please check the original post to see if you’ve won.  If you’re a winner you have until 31st July 2016 to send me your email address so I can respond with your code.  Any responses made after that time will unfortunately not be accepted. Thanks! Following my recentContinue reading “WIN – free Hannah Kimble audio book”

Ideas for easy after school tea times

When I say goodbye to my colleagues at 4pm, the end of my working day, I imagine a lot of them are thinking that while they’re slaves to their desks for another 90 minutes, I’m swanning off home to put my feet up and watch Neighbours.  Ha ha ha ha ha – if only!! TheContinue reading “Ideas for easy after school tea times”

Exclusive interview with Patricia Pitt, author of Hannah Kimble

Back in October last year I was on a writing weekend course in Derbyshire where I met a lovely lady called Patricia Pitt.  Patricia was fascinating as she’d completed a romantic fiction novel, entitled Hannah Kimble, and self published it. I’ve just finished reading Hannah Kimble and can highly recommend it to anyone who enjoysContinue reading “Exclusive interview with Patricia Pitt, author of Hannah Kimble”