Exclusive interview with Patricia Pitt, author of Hannah Kimble

Back in October last year I was on a writing weekend course in Derbyshire where I met a lovely lady called Patricia Pitt.  Patricia was fascinating as she’d completed a romantic fiction novel, entitled Hannah Kimble, and self published it.

I’ve just finished reading Hannah Kimble and can highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys romantic fiction, especially those set in the immediate post war era.

I had lots of questions for Patricia and felt that budding writers – or even just those interested in this genre of literature – would also find her experiences of self publishing interesting.  For that reason I asked if Patricia would be kind enough to do an interview with me, and thankfully she agreed!

Q: Patricia, tell us a bit about Hannah Kimble.

A: Hannah Kimble is set in the pretty village of Edingale in 1946. Edingale is actually,
where I live. The novel is a romance between an American who purchases Edingale
Manor and the woman who runs the village shop. There’s intrigue, sadness and, of
course, love.

Q: Is this your first novel?

A: Hannah Kimble is my second novel. No Reserve on Love is my first. This is a modern romance set in New York which has recently been published on Amazon.

What inspired you to write Hannah Kimble?

A: I wrote Hannah Kimble for The Lichfield Prize, some eighteen years ago. The only
rule was that the story had to be set in the Lichfield area. I didn’t win but had a good
critique of my novel. The Lichfield Prize, however, ended not long after I entered
the competition and my novel went into a drawer to collect dust.

Did you approach traditional publishers before you decided to self publish?

A: I have never sent my work to a mainstream publisher and to be truthful it’s because
I never got round to it. I self published because, in my opinion, it’s now the
way to go. You can spend a very long time waiting for a publisher to take you on.

Hannah Kimble was published by Feedaread; this is part of the arts council. After
much thought, I put the novel on Amazon as a download in June 2015. Wow! Over 2,000 downloads to date and 200 copies of the paperback sold.

Q: Where is your book available?

A: It’s available from Feedaread, Waterstones and Amazon at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hannah-Kimble-Patricia-Jane-Pitt-ebook/dp/B00L1H2V58

Q: How did you go about self publishing?

A: Although I have always enjoyed creative writing, short stories in particular, I didn’t do
much about it until I enrolled for a twelve-week writing course run by Keel University
that was held at the arts centre in Tamworth. This was ten years ago and since then
I haven’t stopped writing. Hannah Kimble came out of mothballs and I rewrote it
but once again, I put it back into that drawer. Then one evening I went to the local
library where they were holding a workshop on self-publishing. I was hooked and
Hannah Kimble came out of that drawer yet again but this time, and after another
edit, I sent it off to Feedaread. The paperback looks as professional as any mainstream
published book and I would recommend any author to try them. It’s a great feeling
to see your work in paperback form.

Q: Your book is available in audio form (great for road commuters!).  How did you manage to organise that?

A: As I always wanted to hear my characters speak, I decided to try an audio version.
I didn’t want to share a 50/50 split with a narrator so I paid mine a one off fee. I’ve sold a few copies but it’s still early days. But it’s money well spent because it gives me a lift just hearing my characters speak. It’s brought my novel to life.

You can download the audio version of Hannah Kimble here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hannah-Kimble/dp/B01BI7LDO0/ref=tmm_aud_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

Q: Would you recommend self publishing?

A: Take a look at the Amazon forum site, this is a good place to ask writing related questions.  There are authors on there who have self published many novels and are earning a good living from them.

Q: What’s next for you writing-wise?

A: Next on my writing agenda, after the Tamworth Litfest, which I am involved with, I intend starting my new novel, Hannah Kimble’s Daughter.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone thinking of self publishing?

A: My advice to anyone struggling with their writing would be to try to join a writing group. They offer good advice and sharing your work and getting feedback is invaluable. I belong to a writing group who meet every Wednesday afternoon and I gain much from it.
Also, reading your work aloud and slowly, is one of the most important things a writer
should do. Not only do you spot mistakes but you hear them too. I read my work aloud
at every opportunity.

Finally, just go for it!  You’ll never become a writer if you don’t write!

Thanks to Patricia for the insight, and can’t wait ’til Hannah Kimble’s Daughter is released!

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