Ghostly goings on…

Last weekend I went on my first ever ghost hunt.  Not one of those walks through ancient towns but rather a late night vigil involving seances, experimenting with ghost hunting equipment, ouija boards – the works!

I decided to do this as part of my bucket list and it’s fair to say that the whole day leading up to the event I felt sick with fear!

Other than having a couple of unexplainable experiences involving hearing footsteps and the like, I haven’t had a ghostly experience, and remain open minded as to whether there’s ‘anything out there’.

For me to do this was a huge step; I won’t even watch a horror film as I like to be able to sleep at night, thank you very much!

I went along with my friend, Sue, fellow author and blogger at  A pro at these, having been on 10 ghost hunts, Sue was as cool as a cucumber while I was a quivering wreck.

I nearly jumped out of my skin in the first few minutes when one of our guides jumped out of her seat, shouting and swearing because she was convinced a figure had just appeared in front of her.  I was sat next to her and didn’t see a thing, but perhaps I’m just not very sensitive to these things…?  Anyway, her reaction was enough to scare the bejeebers out of me and I shot across the room and squeezed poor Sue’s arm for dear life.

However, within about 20 minutes I’d well and truly calmed down and became completely unconcerned about the presence of any spirits and far more fascinated in the human psychology surrounding the event.

I didn’t once feel like there was anything there – other than us and around 20 other participants plus a handful of seasoned paranormal investigators.  What I did discover though was that the will of the mind, the power of suggestion and the determination to discover something ghostly, is truly staggering.

There were sightings of course, feelings of being touched, of being oppressed, sensations, smells and so on.  None of these I experienced personally and all of them, I believe, were brought on by will, hope and imagination.

It was a fascinating experience and I’m really pleased I went, even though I didn’t see so much as a glimmer of a ghoul.  It was an insight into the human psyche, a glimpse into weird and wonderful human brain and what it is capable of conjuring up.

I got into the ‘spirit’ as much as I could, even agreeing to lie on a spooky bed while the group performed a seance in the corner of the room.  I felt nothing, other than extreme tiredness, but then it was 1am by this point.  I was asked to call for the spirit but felt like a proper numpty so refused that one, but did agree to stand in a dark wardrobe for five minutes just in case anything happened.  It didn’t.  Good job as well, otherwise, I think I might have needed that change of clothes.

Of course, who am I to say that what those people saw, felt or sensed (or thought they did) wasn’t real?  Nobody of course, and I could be entirely wrong.  But I went in open minded and came out very cynical.  To some of them it was clearly real, but that opens up a whole new debate about what ‘real’ is.  In the sense of it meaning physical fact, I don’t believe that anything experienced that night was.  In the sense of them believing whole-heartedly it was happening, then yes, quite likely.

I don’t disbelieve in ghosts, still now, and believe that things happen that science cannot yet explain, whether it be hormones, energies or whatever.  I don’t necessarily think it has to do with dead people.

I would definitely do another one, even if it was just to witness the human brain at work again.  What that wonderful organ is capable of is incredible and is, to my mind, far more interesting than what might or might not be on the other side.

5 thoughts on “Ghostly goings on…

  1. Quite courageous! My mother once told me a story of one of these types of events where a full bed was levitated 4-5 feet above the ground! But like you, I’ve never personally witnessed anything like this, unless under the influence of some substance.

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