Books I’m loving – New Recommendations

I’ve been making headway recently on the ever-growing tower of books I want to read.

Here are three I’ve loved and would highly recommend – 2 fact, one fiction:

Grit, by Angela Duckworth

Professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, Angela Duckworth has dedicated her life’s work to discovering what makes someone stick at things until they achieve unprecedented success – or have ‘grit’ in other words.

I read this on a whim and also because I knew that if my most recent writing submission got rejected (which it did!) I’d need to be equipped with some hard core staying power to try again.

Grit is gripping, providing a real insight into the formula of success and perseverance. Packed with powerful case studies and fascinating experiment results, Grit certainly helped me get over disappointment and crack on with my next attempt.

If you need a pick-me-up, try it!


Find Your Extraordinary, by Jessica Dilullo Herrin

The founder of jewellery giant, Stella & Dot, Jessica Dilullo Herrin is a shining example of someone who’s achieved rather incredible things in terms of her life and career.  Find Your Extraordinary talks a bit about how she did it, while being peppered with the stories of others, among advice on how to achieve your own happiness.

It’s not a business guide, but rather a series of uplifting ‘advice bites’, which did succeed in making me feel I might just have some extraordinary inside of me I could endeavour to find!

And when you’ve finished the book, check out the jewellery, because it is rather a-mazing!


Proposal At The Winter Ball, by Jessica Gilmore

This is my favourite Mills and Boon book to date – and I’ve read a few!  It’s in the Cherish line, which is relatively new for me.  Cherish, milder on the sex front, is more focused on the sweet side of romance, which is rather nice actually as there’s no distraction from the relationship.

The setting of this book is lovely, the characters are believable and the welcome dash of light humour creates a cosy feel to this gorgeously warm romance.

I’ve got another Jessica Gilmore teasing me from my shelf but I’m abstaining from it for the moment as it’s set in a castle – as is my current manuscript – and I don’t want to be influenced, so I’m saving it till I’ve finished.

I would highly recommend Proposal At The Winter Ball, especially if you’re looking for a ‘hyggelig’ Christmas themed romance.

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