Word Crime

Every so often I take a break from fiction and pick up a factual book.  My current factual treat is Dr John Olsson’s Forensic Linguistics.  The leading expert in the field, Olsson details some of the cases he’s worked on and explains how linguistics has helped to solve mysteries and bring criminals to justice. Every chapterContinue reading “Word Crime”

Loving a Cosy Culinary Mystery

When I was younger I loved a cosy mystery, be it Murder She Wrote, Miss Marple, Nancy Drew or Colombo.  Aside from catching the odd few minutes of Midsomer Murders, in recent years I seem to have forgotten my penchant for a good, harmless crime, where the only people who ever die are those thatContinue reading “Loving a Cosy Culinary Mystery”

3 ways to improve your writing

I’ve taken a break from writing recently.  I felt I wasn’t really getting anywhere and needed to hone my skills by doing something different, rather than ploughing on relentless. Time will tell whether this detour has helped my writing, but in the meantime I’m enjoying the experience. Here’s what I’ve been doing: 1. Judging ContestsContinue reading “3 ways to improve your writing”