Loving a Cosy Culinary Mystery

When I was younger I loved a cosy mystery, be it Murder She Wrote, Miss Marple, Nancy Drew or Colombo.  Aside from catching the odd few minutes of Midsomer Murders, in recent years I seem to have forgotten my penchant for a good, harmless crime, where the only people who ever die are those that aren’t very nice anyway.  It’s a kind of crime karma.

However, in the last few weeks I’ve re-discovered a love for all things cosy and mysterious with a marvellous find – Murder She Baked!

I’ve mentioned before my slight obsession with Josi Kilpack’s mystery culinary series, so I was over the moon to find another series which follows the same sort of theme: strong, likeable female character who stumbles upon a dead body at every corner, and still finds time to do a fair amount of cooking/baking while juggling romance.  A winning recipe for a story, I’d say.

There are four films in the Murder She Baked series, which are all based on the books by Joanne Fluke.  I’ve watched every one I could find and love, love, LOVE them!

I plan to read some of the books too and have so far managed one audio – The Christmas Caramel Murder.  I have to say, I didn’t enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed watching the films.  I think perhaps this is because the format isn’t designed for audio; every chapter contains a recipe, which is of course fine in book form (and not featured in the films) but in the audio they read them all out, so I was skipping great chunks.

I will give another book a go, and perhaps read it this time.  But one thing’s for sure, if they don’t make any more films I might cry!

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