Attempting something scary: The black forest gateau

I’ve wanted to make a black forest gateau for ages but have been putting it off as it looked like it would take hours and would inevitably¬†go horrifically wrong. Lovely friends coming over for dinner gave me the perfect opportunity to try it – they wouldn’t mind if it ended up flat as a pancakeContinue reading “Attempting something scary: The black forest gateau”

Ooh, exciting. But wait, what about the rude bits…

I had some incredibly exciting news this weekend – a publisher of romance e-books is interested in my manuscript! ¬†It’s the news I’ve been waiting for for, ooh, about five years and it’s beyond thrilling. I don’t want to say too much at this stage in case they a) decide it’s been a terrible mistakeContinue reading “Ooh, exciting. But wait, what about the rude bits…”