Ooh, exciting. But wait, what about the rude bits…

I had some incredibly exciting news this weekend – a publisher of romance e-books is interested in my manuscript!  It’s the news I’ve been waiting for for, ooh, about five years and it’s beyond thrilling.

I don’t want to say too much at this stage in case they a) decide it’s been a terrible mistake and sent me the email instead of the intended recipient (you never know!) or b) the editor who likes it runs off to join the circus and her successor doesn’t know what she saw in it (again, you never know).

After the initial elation I thought about what having my work out there in public actually means.  Of course it means having a lovely front cover, being able to say – finally – that I’m a published author (woo-woo) and, frighteningly, it means people are going to be able to read my book – woah, scary.

There are heart-felt heavy emotional scenes, there is death, marriage, fall-ins and fall-outs and yes, there are rudey bits. My friends are going to read it, the mums on the school run are going to read it, the people I expect to respect me at work are going to read it, my mother and her friends are going to read it.  It’s like standing on a stage in public and telling everyone what goes through your naughty little mind.

But that’s not the worst scenario – what if no-one reads it!  Aaargh, that’s definitely worse than having everyone think I’m a dirty little minx!

Blimey, this writing malarkey poses an interesting dilemma, one I never really considered before getting to this stage.

Putting all insecurities aside, being ‘this’ close (pinches finger and thumb together) to becoming a real author is exhilarating and as for worrying about readers getting a glimpse into what makes you tick, then bring it on!

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  1. That’s fantastic!! Congratulations!! I hope it all pans out for you 🙂 I scored myself a publisher last year, but it all went haywire and I lost the contract – but not before I told my 600 + friends on facebook! Argh makes me cringe 😦 It has been so awkward telling anyone who enquires about it that I no longer have a publisher…


    1. ginahollands says:

      Oh no!!! Don’t say that, I just I shouldn’t have mentioned it! Did you find another publisher, Millie?

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      1. No sadly I haven’t found another one and I think I might self-publish instead. But i’m sure everything will go smoothly for you, I was just really unlucky!


      2. ginahollands says:

        Yes, go for it. Good luck with the self publishing!


  2. Sarah says:

    Brilliant news xx
    If it reads as well as your blogs, then it will be fab, rudey bits and all. Even your Auntie Janet may read it – just glad I don’t have to read it out loud to the residents of the Care home, as I used to read your letters!


    1. ginahollands says:

      Shame, might have given the old lasses a bit of a thrill! x


  3. Jenni Keer says:

    So funny. So true.
    Was looking forward to being in this position. Now I’m not so sure!

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    1. ginahollands says:

      I should definitely stop over analysing and just enjoy – fingers crossed it happens that is x

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  4. Claire says:

    Well done you! I really hope this comes off for you Gina, you deserve the success and I look forward to seeing your name in print.

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    1. ginahollands says:

      Thanks, I can’t wait! x


  5. Good luck, I’m sure all will be fine. Look forward to reading it.

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