Review of Rhiana Ramsey’s debut crime thriller Sweet Oblivion

Guest post by Gemma Hook

Last month I was lucky enough to get my hands on the indie published, debut novel from Rhiana Ramsey entitled Sweet Oblivion. I have to admit that I have sometimes been dubious of self-publishing but I can honestly say that this is one of the best crime reads I have come across in years.

Sweet Oblivion centres around the character Louise Jackson, a successful editor in chief for a magazine in London. Louise’s life takes a nosedive when the magazine goes into administration and she begins to question her mental stability. Whilst this is taking place a series of murders are committed involving men with a passion for S&M. They’re found naked and mutilated, tied to the head board.

It isn’t just Louise that takes centre stage in this story, the detective team working on the murder case play a crucial role and the narrative between DC Elizabeth Lane and Tony could perhaps be a sniff at what’s to come in the rumoured second sequel.

Turns out I couldn’t put the book down, with every page throwing up new details, twists and turns, all with a highly erotic undercurrent. What I found most fascinating was Rhiana’s seemingly clear knowledge of criminal minds and detective work something that some crime novelists can get horribly wrong. That could of course be something to do with her actual career as a real life detective in the CID!

Her use of strong female leads in the novel then made perfect sense – she herself is a force of nature in a very male dominated industry. On paper though there was no need to prove her wrath – her writing is seamless.

So, if you’re looking for a spring thriller with a kinky twist that can rival the best crime novels out there then Sweet Oblivion, in my opinion, is a hot (in every sense) read!


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