My naughty story is coming out for the world to see!

Three days ago I received some great news but had to wait to today before I was allowed to share it. Back in January I entered an erotic short story competition run by the Romantic Writers of Australia (I’m an international member).  Earlier this week I found out that I came 8th, and that theContinue reading “My naughty story is coming out for the world to see!”

Getting published without an agent

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need an agent to get published.  There are now a number of completely reputable, professional publishers who accept manuscripts from unagented authors.  Here are some of the ones I have discovered: Bookouture Bookouture is a relatively new digital publisher, which has won awards for the way they treatContinue reading “Getting published without an agent”

How to complain

Being British, it’s natural not to want to complain.  Well, we do.  We mutter under our breath when the waiter’s back is turned but as soon as he asks us ‘How is everything?’ we found ourselves smiling and nodding, and saying those inane words: “It’s lovely, thank you”. Well, no more!  I’ve had enough ofContinue reading “How to complain”

Happiness is…striking gold with a book you love

Reading is a high risk activity. By that, I mean that when you start a book there are no guarantees you’re going to enjoy it. I hate giving up on a story, though, so unless I’m at the point where I’d rather do the housework – and that takes a lot…