Mamma Mia – I’m going social!

Today’s blog was going to be an interview with my 7 year old son about the Mamma Mia! musical we saw last night in Brighton.  So, in order to ‘maximise my time’ I started to question him while we were waiting for our food at KFC (yes, I’m a very slobby mother).

Here is his critique of the show:

So, Rocco, did you enjoy last night’s show?


What was your favourite part?

The ice-cream and the end.

Right.  Would you say Mamma Mia is good for kids?

[shrugs and discovers KFC stools spin]

Thank you.  Any other comments?

Eddie says if you put your middle finger up that’s swearing.  Is that true?  [Puts up middle finger.  Interview ends]

Therefore, the topic of today’s blog will be the fact I’m going ‘social’.  An author friend told me I really should do social media.  I know she’s right, but the problem is, I suffer from a serious issue called can’tbebothered-itis.

It really is a terrible affliction.  And ironically, I work for a marketing agency, so am constantly telling clients the importance of baring their souls on social media.  It’s true; it’s fact; it’s part of life, but when their faces contort as if they’re in physical pain and their shoulders sag, I know how they feel.

But, hark, I am going to branch into social.  I used to do it a lot when I was self-employed, so know how to do it, I just would rather do something I currently consider more useful such as plotting, writing, dancing, painting my nails, watching old episodes of Jonathan Creek, staring blankly at walls, hitting my head repeatedly on the floor, and so on.  I have even taken up ironing as a hobby to put it off.  And I can’t bear ironing.

Now is the time, however.  So, watch out, I’m going social.  I am, I definitely am.  I promise.

Mamma Mia! is very good by the way – go and see it.  We can also both heartily recommend the Haagen Dazs Cookies & Cream.





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