Indian Cookery Course

Last week I started an Indian cookery course.  I love a bit of Indian cooking; the lovely colours of all the veggies, the smells of the exotic spices – yum!  My gran used to make a lot of Indian food before it was even trendy to do so, and my dad was on first nameContinue reading “Indian Cookery Course”

A good old-fashioned ‘staycation’

This year, like last, my husband took me away for the weekend for a belated birthday present.  We had an amazing time, but we didn’t go to Barcelona, Berlin or Bern, we went to Bournemouth! We stayed at a B&B whose theme was ‘chocolate’.  You could get chocolate wine (the most delicious thing in theContinue reading “A good old-fashioned ‘staycation’”

Get your motor running

Recently my lovely friend and neighbour, Andy, offered to take me out for a spin on his motorbike.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the back of one, the last time being when I was 19, sans helmet, zipping around a Greek island.  Back then I thought I was invincible so itContinue reading “Get your motor running”