A good old-fashioned ‘staycation’

This year, like last, my husband took me away for the weekend for a belated birthday present.  We had an amazing time, but we didn’t go to Barcelona, Berlin or Bern, we went to Bournemouth!

We stayed at a B&B whose theme was ‘chocolate’.  You could get chocolate wine (the most delicious thing in the world, ever!), chocolate waffles for breakfast (I just couldn’t bring myself…) and chocolate truffles were replenished in the room every day.

My other half was fabulous and booked a surprise restaurant for both nights.  On Friday we went to a very trendy establishment called Neo.  It was gorgeous, with a circular bar downstairs and a restaurant upstairs.  It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it for a special occasion – or a special staycation, even.

On the Saturday we did the complete opposite and went to a family-run Greek taverna. Both nights were completely lovely and I really hope we go back to Bournemouth again!

What do you do in the day, though?  Luckily for us, the weather was unseasonably pleasant.  We strolled down the prom and went for breakfast at a beach-front cafe.

That’s the trouble with staycations though, isn’t it?  If the weather isn’t in your favour, what do you do?  You could catch a film, go shopping, go drinking.  Maybe that’s why us Brits are known for our penchant for alcoholic beverages – the weather’s often crap, which means an afternoon down the pub is in order!

I’m sure many people out there are more cultured than I, and would opt for an afternoon at a museum, theatre or art gallery, whereas we’d probably head to Wetherspoons. Anyhow, it was an amazing weekend and my husband has earned some serious Brownie points.

Bloody love Bournemouth!





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