‘Aargh – no-one understands me!’ – avoiding this writer’s pitfall

Nice friends and colleagues may ask you ‘How’s the book coming on?’ and you may talk about it for a time, probably aware that you don’t want to go on about it too much through fear of being known as a ‘writing bore’.

So, when can you talk about your current project, your characters, writer’s block, your new plot line, recent submissions and blah, blah, blah, all the rest of it that is your LIFE without boring everyone to tears?

Answer: find others like you and chat away till your heart’s content.

Whether it be joining a writer’s group, going on a course for novelists, or – like me – becoming a member of the RNA (Romantic Novelists’ Association), being able to talk to people who understand, really helps.

I recently went on an afternoon tea event organised by the RNA.  Before the cakes came round and best-selling novelist, Milly Johnson (whom I love!) made her speech, there was time to catch up with old friends, and fellow novelists.

I consider myself very lucky that the group of friends I’ve made at the RNA over the last couple of years are a lovely, self-deprecating, down-to-earth bunch, who share frustrations, offer support, and always make you believe that one day you might just be the one making the speech!

And I did get to meet Milly Johnson, who was absolutely lovely (pic).

Thank God for the novelists’ sisterhood.  I always come away feeling happy, relaxed, and ready to tackle whatever obstacles my writing has in store for me.  Come on, rejection letters, you can’t hurt me now!

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