Christmas in Norway

This year, like last, we spent Christmas in Norway.  It’s such a beautiful and inspiring place that I’d thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about it on my blog.

This year we went to Myrkdalen, a relatively quiet ski resort two hours by road from the city of Bergen.  One of the best things about Norway is the people – they’re so nice!  Our ski instructors were just lovely (and very patient, thankfully!).  My 7-year old loved his instructor, and I think she may even have achieved the impossible – getting him to listen!  She’s a better woman than me!

If you do ever go to Norway on a Christmas ski holiday, be aware that before Christmas, and on Christmas day itself, the slopes are wonderfully quiet – no queues, plenty of room, which is a gift for beginners like me – but from Boxing Day onward, it gets chaotic as the locals all head for the slopes.

Now I’ve experienced that twice, I would definitely go skiing to Norway again but would go earlier and come back earlier to avoid the rush, as I can’t be queuing!

We stayed at the Myrkdalen Hotel, which is very clean and contemporary, and positioned in an ideal location to ski down to the lift.  The food was of good quality, and has a fondue restaurant that I absolutely loved.  The downside was that in the main restaurant you didn’t get a choice what you ate – it was what was on the menu that day or nothing.  Fine for me, as I’ll eat anything, but if you have fussy children (or a fussy spouse) it’s all a bit of an ordeal!

Also, veggies beware – vegetarianism seems to still be a dirty word in Norway – or at least in Myrkdalen.  My husband isn’t much of a meat-eater and when he asked for the veggie option was served a very meagre amount of potatoes and vegetables on a plate.  The next night we asked again (in advance this time) and even said that just a bowl of pasta would be ideal.  We didn’t get the pasta – just more veg and potatoes arranged slightly differently.

Due to an early morning flight, we chose to spend the last night at the Flesland Scandic airport hotel.  I wasn’t expecting much – I thought it would be Travelodge-esque and soulless.  I was very happily surprised to find it was a gorgeous, modern hotel.  The staff were friendly and efficient, and the restaurant/bar area was beautifully decorated.

Norway is a natural winter wonderland, and everyone we met there was fabulous.


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