Ice Hot – New short story out now

Just a quick blog post to announce I’ve recently published my newest erotic short story – Ice Hot.  It’s available to download on Amazon Kindle for the rather jolly price of 99p or free on Kindle Unlimited!

Here’s the blurb…

One night stands aren’t Sophie Reece’s style. The quiet young interpreter isn’t the kind of girl who can give herself to someone while leaving her emotions behind. When one evening she throws caution to the wind and has mind-blowing sex with a gorgeous stranger, at least she knows she’ll never see him again.

But three months later she finds herself sent to Iceland on an assignment with none other than that very man – hot shot millionaire, Daniel Balderas!

Sophie hopes he won’t recognise her, but that’s just the start of her problems. She knows something he doesn’t, and if he found out, it could ruin not only her reputation, but also the career she fought so hard to build.

They both have good reasons for keeping their hands to themselves, but the chemistry between them burns like molten lava when they’re together in the land of fire and ice.

Contains graphic erotic scenes. For readers 18+ only.

I loved writing about Sophie and Daniel’s Icelandic adventure.  I hope you enjoy reading it!


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