Quiche on going!

Last week – it being the most romantic week of the year n’all – I promised my husband I’d make him ‘a crackin’ dinner’.  We don’t go out on Valentine’s night for the same reason most people who don’t, don’t: far too expensive, rubbish service, and being surrounded by hundreds of couples who  clearly feel obliged to look lovingly into each other’s eyes all night.  Not that it’s forced.  Not that I’m cynical.

I’m not a Valentine’s hater though – far from it.  It’s nice to have an excuse to spend time together, buy each other a nice present, and do something special.  Like make a crackin’ dinner!

With my husband being Mr fusspot when it comes to food, I always regret offering to cook.  No fish, barely any meat (although anything sausage-based is apparently acceptable!) – what’s a girl meant to cook for goodness’ sake?

I like veggie.  Veggie’s good, but I’ve already done most veggie recipes on the planet, and could do with a change.  So, I opted for stilton and broccoli quiche – with a healthy dose of chorizo!

I got the recipe from Ocado, but added the chorizo.  If you do attempt it, bear in mind it takes a lot longer than the suggested 20 minutes – twice as long I’d say, but when it’s finally done it’s delicious.

You can see from the picture I went a bit overboard on the chorizo, but apart from that, it wasn’t half bad.  And it fed us for dinner, and a lunch each, so although the ingredients weren’t cheap at all, none of it was wasted.

Oh, and by the way, this picture was taken after the initial 20 mins of baking, and isn’t the final product – I forgot to take a pic when it came out of the oven!






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