The joy of procrastination

As I wait to find out the release date of my debut novel, The Virgin’s Gamble, I’ve been thinking about the next big project.  I’ve got a couple of ideas burning for my next book – and they’re both completely different from each other, as well as from anything I’ve written before.

I have been seriously considering doing a Creative Writing MA so I could learn some more tools of the trade, meet people in the business and generally achieve support from a network of like-minded writers.  While I’d love to do this, I have come to the sad realisation that while working full-time, I genuinely do not have the time.

It would comprise a three-hour tutorial once a week plus an additional 12 hours per week study time.  I’ve worked out I could do this if I got no sleep or hardly ever saw my family, neither of which seems like a wise idea.  So, for now at least, I’ve decided to put the MA on the back burner, which is a shame but the right decision at the moment.

So while I ponder which direction to go in for the next book (gritty humour or psychological thriller), I’ve been avoiding making the decision by keeping myself busy with doing all manner of things that don’t involve writing, and having a jolly good time in the process.

Yesterday I took my son to see the theatre performance of David Walliams’ ‘Gangsta Granny’ at Worthing’s Pavillion Theatre.  It was great fun, and my son absolutely loved it.  It was a marathon though – three hours, which is a long time for kids (and adults!), but it was definitely worth it, as it was so good.

We’ve also recently seen Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One.  Another mammoth performance at 2.25 hrs (why does everything have to be so long?), but it was brilliant, and we (both 37) and our son (7) loved it.  It’s a bit scary at times for small children, but it’s so exciting, and clever too.

I really must get back on with the writing, and finally make a decision about which path to follow, but it’s hard when procrastinating is so wonderful!

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