Top 5 reasons you need to write – right now!

Having met a lot of writers, I know that many people find it difficult motivating themselves to sit down and put words on a page.  If you’re finding it hard to get going with that book, here are 5 good reasons to crack on:

  1. What else are you going to do?  Watch TV?  Yes, you could watch another fly-on-the-wall documentary about some under-funded A&E department, keep up with the Kardashians (as if anyone could actually do that), depress yourself by watching the news, or depress yourself further by wasting your life viewing non-celebrities eat bugs in the jungle.  OR, you could write a novel and be really proud of yourself.  Hmm, tough one…
  2. Writing is a good avoidance technique.  Don’t want to do the supermarket shop, cook dinner, or pay bills?  Now you don’t have to.  Simply use the excuse ‘I’m working on my art’ and you are instantly exempt.  Your lovely, supportive partner will do all that stuff for you, as they don’t want to interrupt your creative flow.  Honestly, that’s exactly what will happen
  3. Fancy going to an exotic or far-flung location, but haven’t quite made it yet?  An easy fix is to take your characters there.  This means doing lots of research, watching vids and looking at pics of the said location.  By the time you’ve finished  you’ll either feel like you’ve been without paying a penny, or be so sick of researching, you won’t want to go.  Either way, win-win.  And if you get that book published, you can book the flight to celebrate!
  4. Spending an evening writing is a good way to convince yourself you made the right decision not to traipse down the sweaty sports centre for the ‘Ab-Blast’ workout.  Ab-Blast is of course a valid option, or you could put your dressing gown on, get your feet on the pouffe and do some writing.  Writing is better.  It exercises the brain, and the brain is a big muscle.  Actually, I don’t think the brain is a muscle, but it must need exercising as much as any other part of the body – probably more come to think of it, so….wise choice.
  5.  Some nights I might actually fancy my chances at keeping up with Kim and Kanye.  I might want to push a trolley around Tesco, then come home and cook dinner  quickly before I buzz off to bust a gut at Ab-Blast.  If for some crazy reason any of that seems like a good idea, I might need to remind myself that if I want to be a writer and get my books published, I will have to get on and make it happen.  That thought, I believe, is the best kind of motivation.

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