New Novel Release Date!

I’m very chuffed to have an international release date for my debut novel, The Virgin’s Gamble – 27th August 2018!

It will be available on e-book and in print (via online purchase).  I’ll publish more details nearer the time.  In the meantime, here’s an extract:

She could easily read his train of thought,
not that he was doing anything to disguise it. Under the
raw masculinity of his gaze, her nipples tightened and
protruded like hard ripe acorns against the threadbare
fabric. She cursed her body for disobeying her brain
and would have put it down to a chill in the air had it
not been high summer.
A primitive flare of his nostrils made it clear he’d
noticed how her body was reacting to him. She willed
him to act on it, to come over to where she stood and
take her in those muscular, tanned arms of his.
Christ! She was letting him suck her into those
manipulative charms of his all over again. She wasn’t
going to get reeled in this time.
“Why exactly did you come here, Mr. Moretti?”
she said, desperate to derail his train of thought.
His smile faltered, and his eyes narrowed. “Drop
the niceties and call me Luca.” It was more a demand
than a polite invitation. “I came here to make you an
offer you can’t refuse.”

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