New Book – Cover Reveal!

Publishing books is like waiting for a bus – it takes ages for the first one to arrive, then two come at once.  Only a few days ago did I reveal the release date of my debut novel, and now I’m delighted to announce the launch of my second – Ice Hot.

Ice Hot is an erotic short story (a quick romp of a book – you’ll read it in an hour!).  I love the cover, designed by the very talented Diana Carlile at The Wild Rose Press, and the blurb, which is here:

One night stands aren’t Sophie Reece’s style, except for that time three months ago. She’d thrown caution to the wind and had wild crazy sex with a hot stranger. No strings—no names. She’d never see him again, right? Wrong.

When Sophie finds herself on assignment in Iceland with none other than the very man she can’t forget—hot shot millionaire Daniel Balderas—she can only hope he won’t recognize her. But translating requires she remain close to him at all times, and the memories of their night together stoke a fire she can’t resist.

Ice Hot is out 19th September, but can be pre-ordered now on Amazon.  Only available in e-book:



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