A Weekend in Bootiful Bournemouth

Every year for the last three years my husband has taken me to Bournemouth for my birthday weekend, and I LOVE IT!

Let’s face it, Bournemouth, which is located on the Dorset coast, is better known for stag and hen weekends than as a romantic getaway location, but I STILL LOVE IT!

This year, as always, we stayed in the Chocolate Box Boutique B&B.  Probably sounds grander than it is, but it’s quirky, which is why we always go back there.  Essentially, it’s just a b&b with pictures of chocolates on the wall.  You can have chocolate waffles or pancakes for breakfast (normal breakfast is also available), and they give you truffles every day in your room, which are delicious.  There’s also the opportunity to order chocolate wine, and this is a MUST, because it’s absolutely delicious (well, I think so).

The hotel is in a really good location near the sea and near the town.  Posh, it ain’t, but it is affordable, the staff are friendly, and the beds are big.  It could do with a redecoration and some maintenance here and there, but overall, I would recommend it and really enjoy staying there.

On the Friday evening we went to a restaurant called Neo, which is a short walk from the Chocolate Box B&B.  This was our second visit having visited last year too.  It’s a really lovely place with a fancy circular bar downstairs.  The mixologists look like they really know their stuff and take great pride in their work.  My negroni with aperol was delicious, but even the cheapest cocktail will set you back £10!!!

Upstairs there’s a restaurant, and the food is excellent.  I had cheese souffle followed by tuna, which were both very good.  The price tag might make you gasp, but it’s great for a special occasion.

On the Saturday afternoon we caught a film in the very modern Odeon cinema.  You can even get popcorn topped with oreos – now that’s a novelty!

In the evening we went to a wonderful restaurant called Renoufs.  Basically, it’s a cheese and wine restaurant – how fabulous is that!  A sharing platter for two comes up three meats and cheeses of your choice plus hummous, bread, crackers, grapes and pickled onions.  It was marvellous and surprisingly filling.  It’s a gorgeous tiny restaurant with pretty lighting and rustic wooden tables.  The bill was very reasonable.  I’d definitely go back and would highly recommend it.

The most amazing thing, however, was that you can get a flight of wine, which is three mini glasses of different wines, for around £8.50.  You can get white, red, rose or port.  I had port because I LOVE PORT.  It made me very, very happy to have three lovely variations in front of me, as this piccy shows.

A great weekend and many husband points accrued.  Fabulous.




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