Release date – tomorrow!

The time has finally come for my latest book to be released – whoopee!! Secrets of the East Wing is my third book – and naughtiest to date!  It’s my second erotic short story this year, and it’s out tomorrow.  As it’s a short story it’s available as e-book only  It’s about a young EnglishContinue reading “Release date – tomorrow!”

Why authors like rejections

Yes, it really is true that writers enjoy receiving a rejection.  Okay, kind of true.  A rejection is not as good as an acceptance, clearly, but it is certainly preferable to the usual alternative, which is being completely, entirely and categorically ignored. Most writers, if they’ve stuck around long enough to send out several ofContinue reading “Why authors like rejections”

Here we go a-Ghent

In my previous blog about our recent long weekend spent in Bottrop, Germany, I mentioned that we visited Ghent in Belgium for a day and night en route home.  I didn’t want to mix the two places in one article, so this blog is dedicated to Ghent, and Ghent alone! Our first thought was toContinue reading “Here we go a-Ghent”

Skiing in October? How’s that then?

Last week we took a long weekend in Germany to visit the indoor Alpine Ski Centre in Bottrop, Germany We took up skiing three years ago and for the last two have visited Norway over Christmas.  While it’s beautiful and the skiing is brilliant, it’s not a cheap holiday, and a week on the slopesContinue reading “Skiing in October? How’s that then?”