Release date – tomorrow!

The time has finally come for my latest book to be released – whoopee!!

Secrets of the East Wing is my third book – and naughtiest to date!  It’s my second erotic short story this year, and it’s out tomorrow.  As it’s a short story it’s available as e-book only 

It’s about a young English countess married to a mysterious earl.  He’s a loving, attentive husband, but there’s one thing missing in their marriage – intimacy!  The earl has a secret he doesn’t want to share with his wife, and he asks her to promise never to try and find out what it is.

For years she keeps that promise, until one day curiosity gets the better of her, and she enters his chambers and finds out what it is he’s been keeping from her for all these years.  Then, she wishes she hadn’t…

My beta readers all asked me how I came up with the storyline, as it’s fairly out there.  I was even asked if I ‘did those things’ – haha!  I can honestly say it’s all imagination, which I think I’m glad about even though our countess and earl have a lot of fun.

I wanted to write a story set in an English manor and weave in a plot involving men and women, men and men, women and women – you get the picture.  The result is Secrets of the East Wing.  I hope you like it

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