Top 5 Reads

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on book recommendations, so I thought it about time that changed.

Here are my top 5 recent reads for…

A laugh
Why Mummy Swears by Gill Sims

I found this wrapped up without a tag under my tree at Christmas and it took me a while and a few embarrassing text messages thanking the wrong people to recall who had given it to me. After several responses along the lines of “Erm, I didn’t actually buy you a present”, I finally remembered – my wonderful best friend – who else!

Why Mummy Swears is a hilarious account of what it’s really like being a working mum and wife. Aside from the fact that I wanted to kill her husband for his ridiculously selfish behaviour, I loved it from start to finish.

My husband even said: “You’ve always got a smile on your face when you’re reading that book.” That says it all really. If the winter blues are hitting you hard, then this is the ideal antidote.

The swears are wonderfully appalling – perfect for anyone like me with the tendency to be a bit of a potty mouth.

Murder and Mayhem
Apple Strudel Alibi by H.Y. Hanna

I love H.Y Hanna’s Oxford Tearoom series as anyone who’s read my previous book recommendations will know. They’re very ‘cosy’, funny and intriguing all at the same time.

I especially liked this one, which is set in Vienna, as I’ve been there fairly recently myself, so it almost felt like I was there all over again.

I took this book in via Audible, which is always a pleasure with the Oxford Tearoom books, as they’re narrated by Pearl Hewitt, whose voice I could happily listen to all day.

Leap Year by Helen Russell

I’ve got to admit – I love a self-help book. I’m not sure this is classified as such, as it’s more of a first-person narrative about the author’s own personal dilemma and how she overcomes it, but whatever the official genre, this is bloody funny.

I laughed out loud to this on many an occasion, as the author takes the reader through her decision-making process when it comes to whether she will remain in Denmark or return to England with her family.

On the way she attempts to lose weight, make new friends and try out a radical new dance class as a way to shake off her British inhibitions.

Romance and Friendship
The Mother of all Christmases by Milly Johnson

Clearly, no list of book recommendations in this blog is likely to be without an entry from Milly Johnson. I love the warmth, humour, romance and of course happy ends that you’re guaranteed with a Milly Johnson novel, and The Mother of all Christmases does not disappoint. In fact, it surpasses expectations.

I don’t know how she continues to think up all the wonderful characters and their stories, but she does, and I hope she continues to do so, as I’ve now read them all!

Historical, edge-of-your-seat moments
The Faithful by Juliet West

I don’t think I’ve ever gripped my car steering wheel as much as I did when I listened to this book on Audible. Steering-wheel-gripping was often combined with shouting “No, no, you can’t!” or “What? I can’t believe it!” as the story unfolded.

Juliet is such a talented story-teller that you can’t help but get completely sucked in to the plot and the wonderfully colourful characters.

Set in the run up to WWII, The Faithful tells the story of a teenage girl who finds herself immersed in the world of the British extreme right movement. Not only is it a sensitive and edge-of-your-seat read, it is also fascinating from an historical point of view.

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