New Mediaeval Erotic Story

Last week I finished my latest book – a 25,000 word novella set in mediaeval times. Writing an historical – and alternative myth – story is a first for me, but this book has been burning in my head for ages and I was desperate to get it onto the page.

The story centres around Queen Guinevere who, after ordering the murder of her husband King Arthur, rules over Camelot. The pendant she wears around her neck transforms her into a sexual siren no man can resist.  

Still reeling from the way Arthur treated her when he discovered her affair with Sir Lancelot, Guinevere has her Sorceress, Vivien, conjure a spell which ensures the Knights of the Round Table experience physical weakness unless they regularly take to the Queen’s bed and renew their strength with her magical milk and nectar.

Guinevere summons the knights when she pleases, sometimes several at a time, and forbids them from having sexual contact with anyone else, including their wives.

The wives of the knights can take no more and plot to overthrow Guinevere, even if they have to distract a pair of werewolves protecting her chamber in order to get at her.

Guinevere is currently under consideration with a publisher, so fingers crossed it gets to see the light of day!

2 thoughts on “New Mediaeval Erotic Story

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