La Isla Bonita

We’ve recently returned from a family holiday in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote which, despite often being referred to as ‘Lanzagrotty’, is actually rather lovely.

We went self-catering and were lucky enough to be able to stay in my mother-in-law’s apartment – just a stone’s throw from the centre of the resort. For a family holiday Lanzarote is great. Being close to North Africa it has all year round sunshine, plus lush beaches and plenty of bars, restaurants, and things to see and places to go.

You can walk around safely day and night (as safe as it gets, anyway), so unlike some parts of the Caribbean where you’re restricted to your resort, in Lanzarote you’re freer to explore.

Lanzarote is famous for its dormant volcanoes and there are plenty of family-friendly trips you can go on to go and see them and learn more about them.

We were too busy drinking sangria and eating tapas to do this, but we heard from others the trips were good.

We did however do plenty of walking including to Los Pocillos, where we enjoyed mussels and calamari in a beach-side restaurant. We also took the well-known ‘zig-zag path’ to Puerto Calero, where we mooched around the pretty harbour-side market. If you’re going to do this walk, it’s not difficult, but definitely opt for trainers over flip-flops as it’s uneven underfoot.

Our favourite part of Puerta del Carmen is the Old Town. Here there are plenty of good restaurants with picturesque views. Our son loved playing in the park there, which is very conveniently situated next to a few of the restaurants, so you can watch your kids from where you’re sitting.

We’ll definitely be heading back to Lanzarote as soon as we can, maybe to a different part of the island. If you’re thinking of checking it out for a family holiday it’s worth also considering Playa Blanca, which probably wins over Puerto del Carmen in the scenic stakes as it has a lovely marina. It also doesn’t attract as many of the ‘let’s go on holiday to get slaughtered’ types, which transforms Puerto del Carmen into somewhere not quite so desirable after 10pm.

Kudos goes to my mother-in-law’s attitude of ‘who cares about Brexit – I’m off to buy a pad in the Canary Islands anyway’. Fabulous!

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