An ambition realised – well, two!

It’s been a good week in my writing calendar. When you’re busily trying to write your next book, it comes as a wonderful surprise when you get a copy of your last book through the post – all front covered and ready to read!

Saving Alice has been published by the same people who create the magazine My Weekly as one of their fortnightly Pocket Novels. It’s a sweet romance about a woman who is asked by her ex-husband to help him fight a custody battle for his young daughter – the child she could never give him.

I can’t wait to see it in the shops, but it’s only on the shelves for two weeks until the next one is out so I’m imagining racing around all the WH Smiths and Tesco just to find one who stocks it so I can get a glimpse. I’m going to cry if I can’t find it. : )

The second piece of awesome news I received this week is my first ever novel, The Virgin’s Gamble, which was published in print last year, is now available on Audible. I love audio books, so this is a huge personal ambition of mine. The narrator, Fiona Honan-Bowes has done a tremendous job bringing the characters to life.

I hope you had a good week too and that next week proves even better…!

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