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Soooo happy today that Saving Alice, my Pocket Novel for My Weekly, has hit the shelves today! They bring a new one out every two weeks, so it won’t be out for long. They’re stocked by bigger stores such as WH Smiths and supermarkets. I’m hoping there’ll still be a copy in the shops when I next manage to get there on Saturday.

In the meantime, my lovely best friend has gone out to get a copy and even took a picture of the newsstand for me – orrrr.

Saving Alice is a sweet, modern romance. Here’s the blurb:

Naomi Graham is the best family lawyer in the country. But beneath her professional demeanour lies a broken heart. When the man who caused that heartache – billionaire ex-husband Toren Stirling – returns to her life after a 10-year absence, Naomi doesn’t want to know. But then Toren reveals he is fighting a custody battle over his young daughter Alice – and needs Naomi’s legal expertise to help him win.

Saving Alice might be a fairly quick read at 50k words, but it took a long time to write. I actually wrote 70k words, but had to cut 20k to fit the number of pages required for a Pocket Novel. I loved writing this book and was delighted when it came second in a romance writing competition in Australia.

If you do read Saving Alice, I hope you enjoy getting to know the characters as much as I enjoyed creating them. Especially the silver fox, Toren. He’s quite a dish!

2 thoughts on “On the shelf

  1. Book Review: Saving Alice.
    As usual, Ms Hollands swiftly engages us by wasting no time in presenting the disparate layered strands of conflict, tension and dilemmas her protagonists face. From there she examines, with great empathy, the entwined emotional inter-personal relationships of three people; 2 adults and a child. She then pushes all the literary buttons and pulls all the literary levers at her disposal to ensure that the reader is fully immersed. Like all good writers, she is able to eschew a solipsistic world-view and experience her characters’ condition from their viewpoint. She ultimately weaves all the strands together into the required tapestry, but not without tribulation, until she delivers the ending the reader demands. Engrossing tale, well written by a gifted writer.

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