Coming soon…The Curse of Camelot

I was thrilled last week to hear that the lovely people at The Wild Rose Press are publishing my new mediaeval erotic novella!

I originally named the story ‘Guinevere’ but it’s being released as The Curse of Camelot, which I think is much better.

The Curse of Camelot is a complete departure from me as not only is it historical and mythical, it’s also a story I hope will raise the questions: is Guinevere justified at how she treats the knights of The Round Table; are the knights really victims; and is Vivien good or bad?

I’m not even sure I know the answers, but I’d be interested in others’ opinions – once it’s out of course, which I expect will be in a few months’ time. I’ll keep the blog updated with news on the release!

One more thing I’ll say about The Curse of Camelot, which at 30k words is about half the length of a normal novel, is that it is very, very ‘out there’, both in terms of story line and heat levels. That is, it’s extremely graphic. So, maybe not the best choice if you prefer a sweet romance. But if you like a bit of a romp, then you’re in luck!

The Curse of Camelot will be available in digital formats and downloadable from Amazon.

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