Dead Interesting

Next week I’m going to the theatre in Worthing to watch the latest book-turned-play from crime writer, Peter James. This will be third play I’ve seen from the Sussex-based author, who sets all his books in the county, especially in and around the city of Brighton, and I’m very excited to see it.

Unlike the others I’ve seen, which have been murders, this one is a ghost story. Last week I went to the Ropetackle Centre in Shoreham – close to where Peter James was born and raised – to listen to him speak and sign copies of his new book, Dead at First Sight.

I understand Peter James often does talks and I’d say, even if you haven’t read any of his stuff, if you get the opportunity to go, go! He didn’t particularly talk about book writing, but rather about his experiences of working with Sussex Police. His accounts of dating fraud (the topic of his new book) were fascinating, as was hearing about some of the inspiration behind his characters.

The most interesting for me was listening to him talk about how he based The House on Cold Hill around his own haunted house. Some of the stories he told were extremely creepy so although I’m really excited about seeing the play, I’m seriously considering taking a cushion to hide behind.

Peter James’ plays always attract a good – and often famous – cast, and are usually a sell-out, so if you see one advertised and fancy it, don’t hang about.

Here’s a pic of me getting my book signed. We were first in the queue, even reaching the table before he did, and last, as my friend decided she wanted more books signing. Maybe his next book will be about crazy lady fans!

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