The Curse of Camelot – release date announced!

It seems like ages ago I put the final full stop on my latest erotic novella, which had at the time a working title of ‘Guinevere’. I loved writing the story, as it was my first historical/fantasy, and I didn’t hold back at all on the story line or the graphic descriptions.

I wasn’t sure whether a publisher would accept it as it is rather on the racy side to say the least, and is definitely not for readers who prefer a sweet romance, but the lovely folk at The Wild Rose Press took it (after confirming it fitted within guidelines), worked hard at getting everything tip-top and have today given me a release date of 23rd September.

My editor suggested a title change to ‘The Curse of Camelot’, which I thought was miles better, and patiently put up with all my changes, even the last minute ones where I realised I’d made some very stupid mistakes!

The artist is busy working on the front cover now, and I really can’t wait to see it. It’s nerve-wracking as for a change I have a particular idea how I’d like it to look, so I’m hoping she shares my vision. The same designer at The Wild Rose Press created the cover for The Virgin’s Gamble, Ice Hot and Secrets of the East Wing, and I love all of those, so I have every faith this one’s going to be great too!

The Curse of Camelot will be available to purchase on e-platforms (at 30,000 words it’s too short to print) from various websites including Amazon.

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