Sooner or later, the rhythm is gonna get you

I had the best afternoon and night out in ages a couple of weeks ago as a few of us ventured into London for my lovely friend’s 40th birthday. Armed with tickets to see Gloria Estefan’s musical, ‘Get on your Feet’, and a restaurant reservation at The Port House on The Strand, we were like pigs in muck.

The Port House is a Spanishy/Portugesey tapas restaurant, which serves – wait for it – sangria cocktails! Mmm, delicioso! We ordered loads of different dishes, which we shared, all of which were scrumptious – especially the pork belly.

When it came to dessert we had something I’ve been wanting to try for ages – pastel de nata – or Portugese custard tarts. Oh my goodness – divine. I was so upset we’d decided to share. We also had churros with chocolate sauce, which my friend went completely ‘gooey’ for, and vanilla ice cream with sherry. Who’d have thought something so simple could be so utterly amazing!

We then waddled down the road to the Coliseum Theatre for the show. Never make the mistake of asking a stranger where ‘The Coliseum’ is. He’ll tell you it’s in Rome, which is exactly what happened to me when I enquired about the location of said establishment to a man outside a pub.

Luckily, we found it just in time, and took our seats for the performance. And what a performance it was – so much energy, great Latin tracks and some incredible salsa dancing.

We all absolutely loved it. Although it’s finished now in London, the show is touring the UK, so plenty of time to see it. If you’re looking for a super day out with friends, which is fun and frivolous, I can heartily recommend it.

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