Hooray – it’s publication day!

Very exciting day today as my latest book is out! The Curse of Camelot, published by The Wild Rose Press, is an erotic medieval novella. It was my favourite book to write as not only does it have a lot of ‘action’ in all senses of the word – I also hope it raises a few moral questions.

Here’s a short extract to give you a flavour.

Guinevere looked down at the man at her feet, the man she once loved. The only man she had ever loved. The man, who now looked pathetic in her presence. “Be standing, Sir Lancelot.”
He raised his broad body until he stood tall, towering a full head’s height above her. She took a step forward so they were as close as they could be without touching and looked up at his determined face shrouded with unruly blond hair that tumbled to muscular shoulders.
“You look weary, my knight.”
He avoided her gaze. He avoided looking at her altogether. Instead, his eyes focused firmly at the window of her chamber.
She smiled to herself. He knows what will happen when he catches sight of me. He knows resistance is futile, and yet he attempts it anyway. His stoicism almost made her feel sorry for him.
Almost, but not quite.

The Curse of Camelot is available as an e-book at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gina-Hollands/e/B07HWQXYFD/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

I’m often asked if you can read e-books if you don’t have a Kindle. The answer is yes, quite easily. Kindle has a free app you can download either from the play store or through Amazon. Just click on the book on Amazon and you’ll see the option to get the free Kindle app. Easy peasy!

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