So, just a quick update blog. It’s another two weeks before this pesky cast comes off my arm and I can resume normal life. Not being able to drive is THE worst thing ever. How do people cope who can’t drive? I’m having to rely on lots of lovely, kind people to ship me around, and I feel like such a burden.

There are advantages, however. I’ve had to slow down my pace of life, which has been very beneficial and made me realise I try to squeeze far too much into my days. I’ve got a huge fear of being unproductive and useless, but actually, running yourself into the ground trying to get a million things done is, apparently, not healthy either.

Being forced to not do this anymore (husband having to do more school pick-ups and sports club runs, plus cooking and other joyous household chores) has been rather therapeutic. I’ve even had a massage and booked myself in for another which I never do! It’s wonderful to have that to look forward to on a Saturday, and it really helps as carrying a pot around on your arm all the time is HEAVY. I’m going to have one amazing bicep when this baby comes off.

I’ve heard that when a cast is removed, the limb underneath it is pale, skinny and hairy. God knows how that’s going to work out for me as my arms are already these things. What with my oversized bicep above a practically translucent, skinny and hirsute wrist, I’m going to be gorgeous.

Although I cannot wait to have the cast removed, I will miss these aspects of it. My friend has suggested I get a zip-up one when I fancy an excuse for putting my feet up. I definitely won’t be going back to quite such a fast pace of life. And I’m going to insist we share making the weekday dinners – who on earth wants that to look forward to after a full day at work – not me!

Luckily, I can still type fine, so the work in progress is coming along. Having not been able to ski over Christmas and therefore spending five days writing almost solidly, I’m a lot further forward that I thought I’d be by now.

My next session with my mentor is this Sunday. This is always nail-biting experience – not because she’s scary and critical, which couldn’t be further from the truth – but because I really don’t want to disappoint her after she had such nice things to say about the first 25k words. What if she thinks the newest section is a load of pap? What if she thinks I should re-write the whole thing? What if she laughs so hard at my efforts that it causes an earthquake and I fall and break my other wrist? Arrggghhh!

Pausing the drama for a second, I’ve just found out that my sweet romance novel ‘Saving Alice’, which came out as a My Weekly Pocket Novel last year, is being released as a large print by publisher Ulverscroft on 1st June this year. I really hope that I’ll walk into a library one day and see it there. That would be a dream come true. Like meeting Jason Momoa and him wondering where I’d been all his life; or being even more successful than J.K. Rowling; or Simon Cowell donating one of his mansions to me. Okay, maybe not quite that exciting, but not far off at all.

My aim this year is to complete this work in progress, and then write a second book. Not sure yet whether to write a chicklit or try something I’ve always had my sights on – a cosy mystery. Ooh, now that does sound exciting…

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