Our week in Puerto de Mogan

Up until yesterday we were in Puerto de Mogan in Gran Canaria on a week’s holiday. I read the British headlines with interest, all about the ‘apocalyptic sandstorm’ hitting the Canary Islands, where people had apparently been advised to stay indoors with the doors and windows firmly locked. Typical over-dramatised dross, of course, but experiencing the Saharan sandstorm was interesting nonetheless.

Apocalyptic it was not, but it did admittedly turn the world rather orange for a day (as you can see from the last picture here when we braved the beach) – it was a free exfoliation treatment but there was no way we were going to stay in on our final day of holiday – we’re British – no rain means bikini on the beach!

Aside from that last day, the weather was incredible – hot but not too hot, and that’s their winter (February to be precise). Puerto de Mogan is a perfect holiday destination for families and people who want a nice, quiet holiday. It’s a smallish place with a lovely marina and plenty of restaurants, but unlike most places in the Canaries, it’s pretty dead by 9.30pm.

The downside is if you like walking, there’s not really anywhere to go as it’s all fairly enclosed, but other than that it’s ideal – quite a few nice shops, pretty scenery and lots of choice when it comes to eateries and ‘drinkeries’. There’s a lovely square by the harbour (see pics) where you can eat al fresco and soak up the atmosphere.

If you do need an escape, then you get easily get a bus (bus station is central) to the nearby bigger resorts of Maspalomas or Puerto Rico. We didn’t, because we just fancied a peaceful holiday where we could spend the days on the beach and the evenings eating out.

We self-catered, staying at ‘Modern Apartment in Puerto de Mogan Artes II’ which was indeed very modern, clean, spacious and bang smack in the centre of the resort, about a minute’s walk from the beach – handy. I booked this and taxis to and from airport through booking.com which was splendidly easy peasy – I sound very Judith Charmers.

And of course – I did plenty of writing – all before 11am when the sun came out. Perfect! I’m not three quarters of the way into my new novel, so on the home straight. Speaking of which, despite some poor fellow travellers being delayed 48 hours, we had a mere 2 hour delay. Good ol’ Easy Jet!

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