Quiche on going!

Last week – it being the most romantic week of the year n’all – I promised my husband I’d make him ‘a crackin’ dinner’.  We don’t go out on Valentine’s night for the same reason most people who don’t, don’t: far too expensive, rubbish service, and being surrounded by hundreds of couples who  clearly feelContinue reading “Quiche on going!”

Indian Cookery Course

Last week I started an Indian cookery course.  I love a bit of Indian cooking; the lovely colours of all the veggies, the smells of the exotic spices – yum!  My gran used to make a lot of Indian food before it was even trendy to do so, and my dad was on first nameContinue reading “Indian Cookery Course”

Attempting something scary: The black forest gateau

I’ve wanted to make a black forest gateau for ages but have been putting it off as it looked like it would take hours and would inevitably go horrifically wrong. Lovely friends coming over for dinner gave me the perfect opportunity to try it – they wouldn’t mind if it ended up flat as a pancakeContinue reading “Attempting something scary: The black forest gateau”

Loving a Cosy Culinary Mystery

When I was younger I loved a cosy mystery, be it Murder She Wrote, Miss Marple, Nancy Drew or Colombo.  Aside from catching the odd few minutes of Midsomer Murders, in recent years I seem to have forgotten my penchant for a good, harmless crime, where the only people who ever die are those thatContinue reading “Loving a Cosy Culinary Mystery”

Ideas for easy after school tea times

When I say goodbye to my colleagues at 4pm, the end of my working day, I imagine a lot of them are thinking that while they’re slaves to their desks for another 90 minutes, I’m swanning off home to put my feet up and watch Neighbours.  Ha ha ha ha ha – if only!! TheContinue reading “Ideas for easy after school tea times”

The Happy Writer’s Kitchen

During my mother’s annual visit to us in Sussex last year, I noticed her watching me intently as I prepared our special family get-together meal.  I knew she was about to say something and thought it might be: “Why, haven’t I given birth to a domestic goddess?  I see you have become a culinary geniusContinue reading “The Happy Writer’s Kitchen”

Cooking up a Mystery

I’ve always loved a good murder, especially a light-hearted one, i.e. Midsomer Murder-esque.  I especially like those in which the investigator is female.  I’m not sure why that is, maybe because I find them easier to relate to. I started with Miss Marple, then moved on to Agatha Raisin, both of which I’m extremely fond,Continue reading “Cooking up a Mystery”