I’m writing this at 5.45am. Normally, at this time, I’d be entertaining hot city slicker, Daniel, in an Icelandic hot tub–yep, that’s me in the picture (as per my characters in Ice Hot) or being adored by Sirs Lancelot, Parceval and Gawain – all at the same time (like lucky old Guinevere in The CurseContinue reading

Author, Morton Gray, whose new Christmas romance is out soon, gives her tips on how to achieve publication

When you first start to write, I would advise wide experimentation. Let me explain – I took the time when I first went to a writing class to write poems, memoir pieces, flash fiction, short stories and eventually several genres of novel, including historical, time slip and contemporary. I am so grateful for this experienceContinue reading “Author, Morton Gray, whose new Christmas romance is out soon, gives her tips on how to achieve publication”

Interview with Author Morton S. Gray

Following the recent release of her new romantic novel, Sunny Days at The Beach, Morton S. Gray joins me to discuss all things books, including how she got into writing, where she finds inspiration for her characters and what we can look forward to seeing from her next. Hi Morton, thanks so much for joiningContinue reading “Interview with Author Morton S. Gray”

A quick piece of news

There are few things more exciting about being an author than when your book goes into the spoken word. My new release, Little Village of Second Chances, has now been made into an audiobook thanks to Isis Audio, and is available on Amazon Audible https://adbl.co/2CyfDfD. Isis Audio interviewed me ahead of the release, and hereContinue reading “A quick piece of news”

How to read – actively

Of course, if you’re not trying to be a writer, the best way to read is probably, well, just to read, without being consciously aware of tenses, point of view, etc. However, if you are looking for trends, tendencies in genre, and the like, then active reading is definitely worth a go.

Are book clubs too snobby?

When I tell them it’s a romance or an erotic romance, every single one so far has said something along the lines of “Oh, I don’t think that would be suitable for the book club.” This is often followed by “Of course, I’d love for us to read something like that, but the other members would probably throw me!”

Before the Fall – book review

Normally I’m very certain about the kind of books I like – either a light-hearted romance with a sprinkle of humour, or a cosy mystery.  It’s as simple as that.  But recently I stepped away from my norm and picked up Before the Fall by Juliet West. Set during WWI in London’s working class EastContinue reading “Before the Fall – book review”