How to read – actively

Of course, if you’re not trying to be a writer, the best way to read is probably, well, just to read, without being consciously aware of tenses, point of view, etc. However, if you are looking for trends, tendencies in genre, and the like, then active reading is definitely worth a go.

Are book clubs too snobby?

When I tell them it’s a romance or an erotic romance, every single one so far has said something along the lines of “Oh, I don’t think that would be suitable for the book club.” This is often followed by “Of course, I’d love for us to read something like that, but the other members would probably throw me!”

Before the Fall – book review

Normally I’m very certain about the kind of books I like – either a light-hearted romance with a sprinkle of humour, or a cosy mystery.  It’s as simple as that.  But recently I stepped away from my norm and picked up Before the Fall by Juliet West. Set during WWI in London’s working class EastContinue reading “Before the Fall – book review”

Indian Cookery Course

Last week I started an Indian cookery course.  I love a bit of Indian cooking; the lovely colours of all the veggies, the smells of the exotic spices – yum!  My gran used to make a lot of Indian food before it was even trendy to do so, and my dad was on first nameContinue reading “Indian Cookery Course”

Get your motor running

Recently my lovely friend and neighbour, Andy, offered to take me out for a spin on his motorbike.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the back of one, the last time being when I was 19, sans helmet, zipping around a Greek island.  Back then I thought I was invincible so itContinue reading “Get your motor running”

Mamma Mia – I’m going social!

Today’s blog was going to be an interview with my 7 year old son about the Mamma Mia! musical we saw last night in Brighton.  So, in order to ‘maximise my time’ I started to question him while we were waiting for our food at KFC (yes, I’m a very slobby mother). Here is hisContinue reading “Mamma Mia – I’m going social!”

How to complain

Being British, it’s natural not to want to complain.  Well, we do.  We mutter under our breath when the waiter’s back is turned but as soon as he asks us ‘How is everything?’ we found ourselves smiling and nodding, and saying those inane words: “It’s lovely, thank you”. Well, no more!  I’ve had enough ofContinue reading “How to complain”