Mamma Mia – I’m going social!

Today’s blog was going to be an interview with my 7 year old son about the Mamma Mia! musical we saw last night in Brighton.  So, in order to ‘maximise my time’ I started to question him while we were waiting for our food at KFC (yes, I’m a very slobby mother). Here is hisContinue reading “Mamma Mia – I’m going social!”

How to complain

Being British, it’s natural not to want to complain.  Well, we do.  We mutter under our breath when the waiter’s back is turned but as soon as he asks us ‘How is everything?’ we found ourselves smiling and nodding, and saying those inane words: “It’s lovely, thank you”. Well, no more!  I’ve had enough ofContinue reading “How to complain”

Who you calling a silly cow, you stupid poo poo head?

Last week my driving escapades stooped to a new level when a fellow female driver felt it necessary to wind down her window and express her displeasure with a verbal tirade, likening my road skills to that of grazing cattle. I was on a narrow road and had just had to do some splendid manoeuvring (ifContinue reading “Who you calling a silly cow, you stupid poo poo head?”

Digging oneself out of the ‘sit’ – why you should never lie to children

  One had a very minor incident in one’s automobile this evening while ferrying her young son around and a tiny little expletive – it was nothing really – might have escaped one’s lips.  Think I got away with it though, don’t think he heard. “Mummy?” “Erm, yes”, I say, while regaining normal dignity and composure.Continue reading “Digging oneself out of the ‘sit’ – why you should never lie to children”

Nuts, or creative?

When driving my son home from school this afternoon he declared, “Look, mummy, that cloud looks like a dragon!” And so it did.  There it was with its long nose breathing out smoke, as clear as day over the skies of Worthing. “Yes, but it could also be a dolphin,” I pointed out. “Oh yes,Continue reading “Nuts, or creative?”

If you’re a winner – time to claim your prize!

If you recently entered the competition to win an audio book of Hannah Kimble by Patricia Pitt, please check the original post to see if you’re a winner! If you are, you have until the 31st July 2016 to notify me of your email address (just reply to the post) to claim your code. AnyContinue reading “If you’re a winner – time to claim your prize!”

Suppress self doubt – and emerge brilliant, or humiliated?

In order to achieve something we want is it necessary to risk making an absolute idiot of ourselves if it all goes wrong?  I’m beginning to think it is. If we give it a go and emerge triumphant then happy days, but if we give it a go and emerge a failure then there could beContinue reading “Suppress self doubt – and emerge brilliant, or humiliated?”

Courses for Aspiring Writers

If you’re an aspiring writer I can’t recommend highly enough going on a writing course. I’ve been on three in as many years and always return home feeling immensely inspired to crack on with my writing.  Not only that, but on every occasion I’ve had a great time, met new friends and learned a lot!Continue reading “Courses for Aspiring Writers”

His velvety ridge – and other nice words for naughty bits

When penning sex scenes I often have to stop and think of a nice way to describe certain parts of the anatomy in order to maintain the romance and avoid sounding too clinical. Here are a few challenges and how I’ve tried to get round them, but if you have any better suggestions, please sendContinue reading “His velvety ridge – and other nice words for naughty bits”

Top tips to finding the time to write when you have young children

When I’m on a writing course I enjoy being surrounded by people with whom I have something major in common – the love of writing and the passion for penning something that may one day be published.  This coupled with the support they offer in believing in each other’s abilities offers a much-needed confidence booster! However, IContinue reading “Top tips to finding the time to write when you have young children”