It’s a Mystery, what makes these such tasty reads

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve read two mystery novels, Alpine For You, by Maddy Hunter, and Real Murders by Charlaine Harris. ¬†They were both different in their style but both offered page-turning cliff hangers before climaxing in very satisfying endings (neither of which I saw coming). Alpine For You, Maddy Hunter The blurb:Continue reading “It’s a Mystery, what makes these such tasty reads”

Loving a Cosy Culinary Mystery

When I was younger I loved a cosy mystery, be it Murder She Wrote, Miss Marple, Nancy Drew or Colombo. ¬†Aside from catching the odd few minutes of Midsomer Murders, in recent years I seem to have forgotten my penchant for a good, harmless crime, where the only people who ever die are those thatContinue reading “Loving a Cosy Culinary Mystery”