Holding Out For a Hero

When it comes to heroes in women’s literature popular types do exist.  I wonder if this is because they really reflect women’s fantasies or whether it’s just because society thinks they do.  I don’t yet know the answer but perhaps you can help. Clearly we’re all different so what is attractive to some, isn’t atContinue reading “Holding Out For a Hero”

Courses for Aspiring Writers

If you’re an aspiring writer I can’t recommend highly enough going on a writing course. I’ve been on three in as many years and always return home feeling immensely inspired to crack on with my writing.  Not only that, but on every occasion I’ve had a great time, met new friends and learned a lot!Continue reading “Courses for Aspiring Writers”

His velvety ridge – and other nice words for naughty bits

When penning sex scenes I often have to stop and think of a nice way to describe certain parts of the anatomy in order to maintain the romance and avoid sounding too clinical. Here are a few challenges and how I’ve tried to get round them, but if you have any better suggestions, please sendContinue reading “His velvety ridge – and other nice words for naughty bits”

Choosing a Hero

It’s a tough job, scanning through pages and pages of Google images on the hunt for a man enticing enough to inspire a potential Mills & Boon hero.  Is it an excuse for a legitimate perv at handsome, brooding (it doesn’t work if he can’t brood) individuals?  Absolutely not!  It’s all in the name ofContinue reading “Choosing a Hero”