My naughty story is coming out for the world to see!

Three days ago I received some great news but had to wait to today before I was allowed to share it.

Back in January I entered an erotic short story competition run by the Romantic Writers of Australia (I’m an international member).  Earlier this week I found out that I came 8th, and that the top 12 place-setters get their story published in a ‘Spicy Bites’ anthology.

My first reaction was total elation that I’d placed and would be published.  Then I realised this would mean all my naughty bits will be out there in the world to see.  Now, I know I’ve mentioned this before when my first romance, The Virgin’s Gamble, comes out later this year, but the erotic story is a whole different ballgame (quite literally!).

For the erotic writing, I gave myself a pen name – Dina Bridges – and felt nicely smug that people could read all the rudey-dudey bits without having a clue I’d written them.  Excellent plan.  But now I know it’s going to be published, how is anyone going to know it’s there if I don’t tell them.  Aarrgh – dilemma.

So, I thought ‘to hell with it!’ – I’m going to shout loud and proud about my naughty little story.  The judges thought of worthy of publication, after all, so why not!  Yeah.

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