Little Village of Second Chances

A sweet, village romance

Surely everyone deserves a second chance?

Ex-fireman and edible flower farmer Shay McGillen has plenty of reasons not to give Sarah Pickering even one chance when she turns up in his small Yorkshire village. After all, she is only there to try and convince him and his fellow villagers to sell up so her company can build a bypass. If Sarah thinks she can make Shay give up his farmhouse and his business, she has another thing coming!

But when an unexpected blizzard leaves Sarah stranded in Shay’s home, he soon realises that they are far more alike than he could have ever imagined – and perhaps both of them deserve a second chance …

The Curse of Camelot

An erotic medieval novella

Three years after the death of King Arthur, Guinevere reigns over Camelot. Through the spell conjured by her sorceress, the Knights of the Round Table can only replenish their strength by taking to their queen’s bed and foregoing intimacy with anyone else, even their wives.

Frustrated and angry, three of the knight’s wives conspire to reclaim Camelot—and their husbands. But to claim victory, the women must first overcome rampant werewolves, a cunning sorceress, and a power-obsessed queen.

Secrets of the East Wing

Erotic country manor escapism

To the outside world, Countess Molly Bucklington has the perfect life. She lives in a beautiful English manor house as the wife to a handsome young earl. What nobody knows is that Molly agreed to a life of chastity within a marriage of convenience. In return for providing a facade for her husband’s deviant sex life, she is able to live at Croft Hall, among the countryside and the horses she adores.

The Virgin’s Gamble

A glamorous romance

With revenge on her mind, twenty-one-year-old Domino Vincent travels to the glamorous five-star Harbor Hotel in Montenegro, determined to beat its playboy owner, Luca Moretti, at his own game. Domino soon realizes the stakes are higher than she ever imagined.

Disturbed by events in his past, Luca doesn’t take kindly to losing. Nor does he appreciate Domino assassinating his character with her accusations that he took advantage of her sick father two years before.

When he suggests a bet she can’t refuse, Domino finds herself playing for so much more than her family’s honor and, in return, getting far more than she ever bargained for. What started out as a gamble turns into a month-long forfeit as her enemy’s captive. Instead of being desperate to escape, she is strangely drawn to the brooding billionaire and his dangerous past.

Ice Hot

An erotic novella set against the dramatic backdrop of Iceland

One night stands aren’t Sophie Reece’s style, except for that time three months ago. She’d thrown caution to the wind and had wild crazy sex with a hot stranger—no strings attached. She’d never see him again, right? Wrong.

When Sophie finds herself on assignment in Iceland with none other than the very man she can’t forget—hot shot millionaire Daniel Balderas—she can only hope he won’t recognize her. But translating requires she remain close to him at all times, and the memories of their night together stoke a fire she can’t resist.

Saving Alice

A sweet romance set in London

Naomi Graham is the best family lawyer in the country. But beneath her professional demeanour lies a broken heart. When the man who caused that heartache – billionaire ex-husband Toren Stirling – returns to her life after a ten-year absence, Naomi doesn’t want to know. Their painful struggle to start a family tore their relationship apart, so when Toren reveals that he has a young daughter, Alice, it comes as a shocking blow. Not only that, but he’s now fighting a custody battle – and needs Naomi’s legal expertise to help him win.

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