A sneaky peek at my new erotic novella – Secrets of the East Wing

I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the ‘Spicy Bites’ anthology, due out in August, which will contain my first foray into erotic writing – Serendipity.  This is a short story romance with graphic erotic scenes.

As the release date approaches, I started researching what publishers of erotica are calling out for.  Straightforward Male/Female stories seem not to be cutting the mustard, and now the order of the day is Male/Male, bondage, sex with vampires or werewolves or full on menage.  Things are apparently getting racier, raunchier and a lot more risquee.

Hmm, challenging.  But I’m up for it!  as the actress said to the bishop.  Which way to go, though?

My husband is rather hairy, so I could imagine the werewolf scenario – not that I think he’d be too impressed on learning that he was my inspiration because of his abundance of body hair.  And what happens when hairy man turns into a wolf?  That’s a different kind of book all together!

BDSM?  The only black shiny outfit I’ve worn is when I was a kid in the 80s, before supermarkets sold Halloween outfits, and our mothers would ‘make a costume’ by shoving us in a black bin liner.  So, that’s not gonna work.

I decided that my new story – an erotic novella entitled ‘Secrets of the East Wing’ – would feature M/M, F/F,F and mixed menage situations as well as a rather tender M/F moment at the end of the book – it is a romance after all!

I’m 11,000 words in to what I’m aiming to be a 17,000 book.  I have to say, it’s fun writing it.

Molly, the heroine, is in a chaste marriage of convenience.  Her husband keeps his sexual preferences secret, forbidding her from entering his private quarters.  Only, one day she breaks the rules, and is shocked at what she discovers.

Here’s a sneaky peak:

She’d always liked the handsome, and somewhat maverick son of the Earl of Croft Hall, and when he’d asked her to marry him, she saw no reason to refuse.  Unconventional their marriage might be, but it brought benefits for both of them.  When James had requested she never enter the East Wing bedrooms, she had accepted the condition without asking any questions.  He’d told her he was different.  Sexually different.  He hadn’t expected her to get involved in whatever his deviance was, and they’d both agreed their marriage would remain sex-less, to allow him the freedom to explore his ‘obscurity’, as he’d laughingly put it.  

Despite their lack of physical intimacy, she knew James loved her, and she loved him.  They’d known each other since they were kids, after all.  He was good to her, looked after her, and let her live the life she wanted.  In return, all she had to do was give him privacy.

Accepting his proposal had been a no-brainer.  She didn’t care what his deviance was.  Being the wife of the young new Earl meant she got to stay, live and work with the animals she loved; the animals she’d nurtured since they were foals.  Being chaste was a small price to pay as far as she was concerned.   

‘Oh come on, Molly, for goodness sake’, she said out loud.  ‘All you’re going to do is run up to the master bedroom, close the window, and leave straight away.  James isn’t here and he wouldn’t want his window left open all night.  What if there’s a storm later?’

She took a deep breath and made her way up the stairs towards the forbidden East Wing.

Can’t wait to get to the conclusion.  Then all I’ve got to do is find a publisher.  Challenging.  But I’m up for it!  As the bishop said to the actress.

2 thoughts on “A sneaky peek at my new erotic novella – Secrets of the East Wing

  1. Erotic? I’ll say. You should see my nipples if you want proof…and I’m a fridge-freezer! (Oh wait, better explain to literary types: (rhyming slang, fridge freezer= geezer)


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