First erotic short story – out on Amazon Kindle!


Just a quick one to say my first stand-alone erotic short story is out on Amazon Kindle.  Secrets of the East Wing by Nina Bridges is available here

Here’s the blurb.  I hope you like it!

To the outside world, Countess Molly Bucklington has the perfect life. She lives in a beautiful English manor house, and is the wife to a handsome young earl. What nobody knows is that Molly agreed to a life of chastity – a marriage of convenience. In return for providing a cover-up to allow her husband to pursue his ‘deviances’, she is able to live at Croft Hall, among the countryside and horses she adores.

Earl James Bucklington loves his wife, albeit in a platonic way. He only asks she never enters the East Wing. She obeys, until one day temptation gets the better of her, and she witnesses what really goes on in her husband’s private quarters.

Her initial shock soon gives way to curiosity, followed by the realisation that she faces either losing the man she loves, or becoming his wildest fantasy.

This is a short story (14,500 words) containing graphic erotic scenes including lesbian, gay, heterosexual and menage.

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